getting hugs after races is the best thing ever

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healthy pancakes with mango sauce, blueberry apple sauce, peanutbutter, banana, blueberries and raspberries for breakfast this morning :)

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I don’t like running with music, even though at first I used it as a crutch. I forced myself to train without it. I started running to the rhythms of my heartbeat and the steady rushing of my breath. I learned that when you run with music you miss out on the pitter patter sound of one foot carrying you in front of the other. Covering mile after mile, with nothing but the strange silent sound of motion racing past your ears. I think raw running should be practiced more often. Because while running with music is good for forgetting you’re actually running, raw running is good for the awakening sensation that reminds you why you are.
Raw running is good for the soul (via runforfreetherapy)

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